Torn Apart / Separados: immigrant detention after “zero tolerance”

Map of the Unitied states with hundreds of orange circles on it

Torn Apart / Separados visualizes the geo-spatial, financial, and infrastructural dimensions of  immigrant detention in in the wake of the Trump Administration’s “zero tolerance” policy.  The map above is just one of their visualizations of the locations of ICE facilities and private detention centers, based on aggregating and cross-referencing publicly available data.

With this information, perhaps our communities will begin to see the magnitude of the threat to human dignity occurring on our watch and the complex machinery driving government policy. Perhaps rather than feeling helpless, we can recognize that we have skills to tread these troubled waters, particularly in collaboration with each other.

— Roopika Risam, in What We Have, What We Can

It’s an important project.   The data’s extremely useful for activists, advocates, and journalists.  If you have the skills and a bit of time to help, Torn Apart / Separados offers a chance to make a huge impact in a humanitarian crisis.  Here’s a few links with more information:

So please consider getting involved.   Sylvia Fernández’ Torn Apart / Separados Call for Contributors and Reviewers, on HASTAC, describes several different ways people can help – as well as surveys for allies, activist and advocacy organizations and lawyers and legal advisors asking how the project’s resources could be useful to their work and whether they have any data or other resources to contribute.

And please also help get the word out – share the links above (or this post), and like and RT key tweets on the #TornApart and #Separados hashtags.



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