IVYPAC: (In)visibility on social media in the 2020 election, part 3

IVYPAC is a group of politically-savvy women from across the United States working to help elect Alpha Kappa Alpha sisters to Congress.  In 2018, they endorsed Lauren Underwood, who won a stunning upset against a four-term GOP incumbent.  So especially since there’s such broad agreement Black women are a major force in the Democratic Party, IVYPAC’S announcement of a Twenty State GOTV Push for Senator Kamala Harris (the only AKA sister running for President in 2020) is another good sign for the Harris.

Here’s what I get from Google News if I do a search for “ivypac kamala harris”

Did you mean: ivycap kamala harris. Your search 'ivypac kamala harris' did not match any news results.

And on reddit:

Sorry, there were no post results for “ivypac kamala harris”

Hey wait a second, I’m noticing a pattern here!



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