SXSW and Diversity: Community Voting Ends this Thursday

Cast your Panelpicker Votes by August 30

Community voting for the 2019 SXSW conference ends on Thursday, August 30.   As I said in To Save Tech, #ListentoBlackWomen

SXSW says that community voting counts for about 30% of their decision. Since white guys have historically been overrepresented at SXSW (and Black women historically underrepresented), and most voters are past attendees, there’s a built-in bias against panels like ours. So even though it’s inconvenient, your support is greatly appreciated.

And it’s not just our panel.  There are a lot of interesting proposals bringing diverse perspectives that would also be great on the SXSW program.  For example:

There are plenty of other great proposals as well – no disrespect intended to any that aren’t included here!

If these sound like the kinds of topics you’d like to see at SXSW, here’s how to support them:

  • Vote for it on the SXSW site. You’ll need to create an account to vote; once you do, the VOTE UP button is on the left-hand side.
  • Leave a comment saying why you’re voting for it. To leave a comment, you’ll need to log in separately via Twitter, Facebook, or Disqus… I hate software. Still, comments are doubly helpful: the selection committee takes them into account; and, if other people see that somebody has commented, they’re more likely to comment themselves.
  • Share it with your friends and colleagues who might be interested, in email or on social networks.

And while you’re there, please also consider supporting our proposal To Save Tech, #ListentoBlackWomen!

Sign saying ':isten to black women'

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