Diversity at SXSW 2017

This year’s SXSW conference kicks off this Friday, March 10, with Shireen Mitchell and I talking about diversity!  Well, okay, we’re not actually the opening presenters (in fact we’re not on until the afternoon) but still, if you’re there on Friday, you should totally come to our presentation 🙂

We’re not the only ones talking about diversity.  Here’s a list of diversity-related sessions – please let me know if there are any I missed!

March 10

Diversity-Friendly Software (Shireen Mitchell, Jon Pincus): It’s time for software to embrace differences (not just tolerate them), and see diversity as a strength. This session discusses current examples, “best practices” that teams can immediately leverage, and emerging ideas from projects that have focused heavily on diversity. We also discuss the challenges and how to overcome them – and chart a path to the future.  3:30 pm

Disrupted: Ending Bro Culture and Bias in Startup-Land: Dan Lyons — tech journalist, former Silicon Valley screenwriter, and author of the New York Times best-seller, “Disrupted: My Misadventure in the Startup Bubble” — lays out a vision for how startups can make the world a better place, starting with their own employees.  3:30 pm

March 11

Breaking the Diversity Code: With the CEO as CDO (Adam Quinton, Shari Slate): How can your company break the diversity code? One clue may be found by considering a revolutionary idea: should your CEO be your Chief Diversity Officer?  3:30 pm
Beyond Brogrammers: Diversity in Tech & VC (Anthony Heckman, Matthew Cooper, David Blumberg, Tanis Jorge): It’s diversity vs. conformity as these panelists discuss what kind of impact straying from the tech stereotype has had on their brands and investments.  3:30 pm

March 12

Diversity in Tech: Readiness to Recruitment (Julius Pryor III, Kofi Kankam, Maya Beasley): This panel is focused on addressing the readiness and recruitment of early to mid-career people of color in tech for an audience of key stakeholders. Recruiting and student preparatory experts, an academic and diversity consultant, and an industry chief diversity officer will explore and debate challenges which are hampering efforts as well as propose solutions for attendees to implement in their own lives.  12:30 pm

March 16

March 17

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