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Welcome to A Change Is Coming!

One way to look at the change that’s coming is to start with the software that shapes our world.  A decade from now, the way we interact with software – and the way we create it – will be radically different from today.   What will it be like, and how will that affect our lives?

Of course, software doesn’t exist in a vacuum.  Another way of looking at the change that’s coming is through the lens of diversity.  Who creates and uses the software?  What biases does it embed?  Culture is another perspective; and all of these intersect, along with a lot of other dimensions, in social computing, the interactions between technology, people and organizations – how we work and have fun together, how we share and discuss news, how politics works.

A Change Is Coming is an attempt to understand and describe these changes, chronicle the as their happening, connect with other people who are involved in them — and contribute to them.   As well as my own thoughts, I plan highlighting interesting research, industry trends, and new developments.   And I’m also looking forward to bringing in other perspectives from people on the cutting edge of the changes, with interviews, discussions, reviews, and guest posts.

There’s a lot more to life than software and technology.  Art, music, literature, and poetry matter too … and there’s plenty of room for other topics that aren’t usually found on “tech blogs.”  Indeed, a big part of the change that’s coming is breaking out of the mindset of thinking about technology separately from all these other things that make life so wonderful.

I’ll be launching the site later in 2016, so right now it’s very much a work in progress.   Some of what I’m going to share here will be in fairly raw form; expect revisions and the occasional “oops”.  The perfectionist in me is incredibly nervous at the idea of talking about things before I can describe them fully and precisely.  But I also know that this is the best way to refine my thinking, and share the insights that I have.

So thanks for joining me — and stay tuned for more!

A change is coming

Why be shrunk by fear when you can choose hope?
Why be manipulated by hate when you can choose desire?
Why settle for singularity when you can have multiplicity?

Control is an illusion and influence is possible.
Look for meta-level solutions.
Avoid false dualities.
Change is performative.

Worship the anomaly.

Artwork: Escape, by Milan Heger
photographed by Jon Pincus


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