Six wilful artefacts

Wilful technologies is a publishing experiment on feminism + technology + design by Madeline Balaam (KTH, Sweden) & Lone Koefoed Hansen (Aarhus University, Denmark).  From the call for submissions:

In its broadest sense, designed artefacts and systems can help us understand aspects of the world that are otherwise hard to grasp. However, we have struggled to find artefacts, systems, objects, and designs that offer us ways of thinking about how contemporary digital culture could work in wilful ways, challenging the heteronormative, conservative values which currently prevail. We need a repository, a collection, a place for people to look when they want to think…
We are looking for projects that work from a feminist point of view, be it intersectional, critical, or political. In other words, projects that work with marginalised individuals, groups, or topics, that purposely expose heteronormative ideals and privileges, or that in other ways aim to question the trajectories offered by mainstream perspectives. For instance, the current political and social climate impacts on reproductive rights, on women’s rights, on how people of colour are singled out by automated surveillance systems, and on making healthcare available to those with limited funds. We know there are many in our communities who want to resist, protest and undermine our current political and social climate.

As well as online publication, Wilful Technologies will also be published as a zine.  Links aren’t easy to do in print, so here they are for my submission Six wilful artefacts.

Thanks Alex Ahmed for the suggestion!  More details coming soon