Feedback, please, on a conference proposal about grassroots activism and open source

Open Source Bridge logoOpen Source Bridge (“the conference for open source citizens”) is one of my favorite conferences.   As usual I procrastinated until the last minute before getting in a proposal right before the deadline.  But then they extended the deadline, so there’s a chance to revise the proposal!

So I’m looking for feedback and suggestions on the proposal.  Here’s the title and abstract

Progressive and transpartisan grassroots activism and opportunities for open source

Grassroots activists have to deal with many challenges online. Today, nobody is satisfied with the tools they’re using – so it’s a great opportunity for open source! This session will survey progressive and transpartisan grassroots activists’ needs and today’s solutions, look at some existing open-source offerings and how they could evolve to better meet grassroots activists’ needs, and identify future directions that could be even more impactful.

You can read the whole proposal here.

A couple of specific questions:

  • What’s a good title?  The current one is accurate but not very punchy.
  • Are there other specific challenges worth calling out?
  • Are other good sources for the limitations of current tools besides Micah Sifry’s How Movements Organize Now?
  • Are there any examples of groups who really are happy with their tools?
  • I’ve thought about making it more concrete by including short segments with people from one or two grassroots groups discussing their specific problem or solution.  Does that seem like a good idea?  If so who would be good to involve?

But please don’t restrict yourselves to those topics – other suggestions or any other kind of feedback is welcome!


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